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Solar Thermal Collectors (STC) compete with fossil energy, so far they represent only a small percentage of generated power due to cost and high embedded energy. We have made an STC (EcoSol SunHarvester) that is inexpensive and energy efficient by using polycarbonate, inspired by sun canopies. 

Why Polycarbonate? Its properties are suitable for water heating; its unique thin design makes it possible to heat water very effectively. Furthermore it has much lower embedded energy than copper or stainless steel STC, making it much more energy efficient. 

EcoSol's efficiency reaches 55-65% on sunny days, and pays back its embedded energy in only 60 days (conventional STC up to 2.46 years)! EcoSol has many applications; dryers, desalination, pool heating, pre-heating even power generation that we estimate will be cheaper to build than conventional solar power plants (PV and Thermal System) using a turbine.

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Collector Design

Heating System

Constant Temperature : Variable Volume (Active System)

EcoSol SunHarvester use this system because it is more effective. There will only be hot water stored in the tank, as with this system there is no need for cold water to enter the tank so the next morning the user can still enjoy the hot water stored in the tank. 

The temperature can be set depending on what is required, the sensors and solenoid valve are controlled by a microcomputer.


Constant Volume : Variable Temperature (Passive System)

This is the conventional system using thermosiphon, there is a large thermal mass that has to be heated also cold water has to enter the tank in order for hot water to be drawn off, which means that in the morning the water is usually just luke warm.

With only 3 hours of sunshine this system will not reach the required temperature.


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